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Eusko Jaurlaritza | Gobierno Vasco

International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


All the projects developed until now have been located in Euskadi (Basque country), within DIVERGENTES and DISONANCIAS programs. DISONANCIAS is supported by the Basque Government through its Industry department.

Dorlet [access and security control systems]; Alvaro Castro + Fran Gallardo [use of new technologies in architecture]; Spain (Madrid); Multimedia applied to domotics; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Eitb [multimedia group (mainly TV)]; Victor Iriarte [audiovisual experimentation]; Spain (Bilbao); Documentary format; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Fundación Ikertia [promotion of R&D activities]; Cuantics Creatives [innovation laboratory]; Spain (Bilbao); Health emergencies in public spaces; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Grupo Sarkis-Lagunketa [real estate promoter]; Daniela Bershan [art and science interdisciplinary research]; Holand (Amsterdam); Environmental architecture; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Imar [design and manufacturing of perforated sheet metal]; ReD, Research and Design, Lda, [architecture and digital technologies]; Spain (Barcelona) & Portugal (Porto); Applications for perforated sheet metal and expanded metal ; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Lanik [design and manufacturing of structural systems]; Recetas Urbanas (Santiago Cirugeda +) [architecture focused to the subversion of urban reality]; Spain (Sevilla); Transformable architecture; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Lantegi Batuak [foundation which employs disabled people]; AMASTÉ [socio-cultural mediation, applied creativity and non-conventional communication]; Spain (Bilbao); Relationship spaces between people with disabilities and the social framework; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Polo Garaia [business park]; Mariano Maturana + Consol Rodriguez [media art]; Spain (Barcelona); Services to connect the users of the business centre; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Tecnalia (Labein) [multidisciplinary research centre]; Ania Bas [communication, sustainability and community]; UK; Sustainable urban environment model; Disonancias, 2007-08.

Daisalux [emergency systems]; David Cuartielles + Björn Wahlström [electronic art and performance]; Sweden (Malmö); Multi sensorial evacuation of buildings; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Eitb, [multimedia group (mainly TV)]; Itxaso Diaz [video artist]; Spain (Bilbao); Documentary format; Disonancias, 2006-07.

El Correo [multimedia group (mainly newspaper)]; Yves Degoyon + Alejandra Pérez [open source developer and sound artist]; Spain (Barcelona); Multimedia integration; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Euve [virtual reality centre]; Saoirse Higgins [multimedia digital artist]; Ireland; Mobile Cultural Museum, Bilbao; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Formica [manufacture of decorative coverings]; Maureen Connor + Kadambari Baxi [architecture, interactive technologies and social dynamics]; USA (NY); Scenarios for hybrid surfaces; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Gaiker [research centre]; Birzikla [recycled materials]; Spain (Eibar); Applications for recycled plastic; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Grupo Alfa [sculptures for public spaces]; Stephanie Davidson [human body and architecture]; Germany (Berlin); Urban furniture; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Kaiku [food products]; Federica Matelli [relationships between art, technology and society]; Spain (Barcelona); Social uses of food products; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Leia [research centre (Integrated Safety Unit Department)]; Olga Kisseleva [media artist]; France and Russia; Mobile phone support for disabled people; Disonancias, 2006-07.

Vicomtech [interactive IT graphics and multimedia technology]; Paulo Correa da Silva [architecture and 3D animation]; Spain (Barcelona); Multimedia contents for augmented reality applications; Disonancias, 2006-07.

CAF [railway systems]; Juan Carlos Robles [space and displacements]; Spain (Sevilla); Meeting point; Divergentes, 2005.

IK4 [research centre]; Luis Bisbe [site specific installations]; Spain (Barcelona); Blind date (installation with light and water); Divergentes, 2005.

Ikusi [electronic systems]; Ewen Chardronnet [information systems and spatial technologies]; France (Paris); Info-structure; Divergentes, 2005.

Irizar [design and manufacturing of coaches]; Saioa Olmo [projects related to current social events, to provoke debates]; Spain (Bilbao); Industrial and urban social maps; Divergentes, 2005.

Eitb [multimedia group (mainly TV)]; Antón Cabaleiro [video artist]; Spain (Galicia); Documentary format; Divergentes, 2005.

Tecnalia (Azti) [research Centre (Oceanography Dept.)]; Hasan Elahi [technology, medias, and social implications]; USA (New Jersey); Oceanographic study; Divergentes, 2005.

Tecnalia (Robotiker) [research centre]; Bruce Shapiro [CNC machines]; USA (Minnesota); Algorhythmic structure; Divergentes, 2005.

Tecnalia (Inasmet) [research centre (metal, composite and biological materials Dept.)]; Boris Nordmann [public spaces, in collaboration with biology and cognitive sciences]; France; Green net; Divergentes, 2005.

Ulma [multisectorial group (polymer concrete dept.)]; Miren Arenzana; [humanisation of technology]; Spain (Bilbao); Light painting; Divergentes, 2005.

Vicomtech [interactive IT graphics and multimedia technology]; Flavien Théry [light related phenomena]; France (Rennes); Reflections in a mirror; Divergentes, 2005.