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International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


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AIRIS is a unique enterprise with the aim of arranging encounters and collaboration between the working life and the cultural sphere. In the spring of 2009 TILLT LIMITED will have concluded 64 year-long AIRIS projects aimed at a wide variety of business sectors.

TILLT LIMITED provides companies and workplaces with the unique opportunity of collaborating with a creative artist, such as an actor/director/playwright, visual artist/painter/photographer, dancer/choreographer or composer/musician throughout the time span of ten months. During this time the artist will be situated at an affiliated workplace one day per week, functioning as a non-traditional consultant and a source of inspiration, who, aided by a regional culture consultant and a representative of the company, will provide a fresh mirror image of the workplace and its staff.

The task on the hand of the creative artist is to work as a creative consultant, providing input for qualitative discussions on, for instance, environmental issues, the need for breaks, breathing-space, or individual recognition. With these issues in mind, one or several workplace projects are set up in close collaboration with the staff of each workplace. An AIRIS project may involve an entire workplace, or some of its subdivisions.

The creative artist - who is specially selected by a reference group - will use his or her skill to stimulate and respond to whatever change and development is taking place within the workplace. The initial stage of the process, spanning two months, is used for research and dialogue.

Following this, an action plan is set up in close collaboration with a committed project group at the workplace covering the succeeding five months of this stage of the project.

Finally, all AIRIS projects are summarized by a general meeting to which representatives of the working life, the cultural sphere and local and national holders of public office are invited. At this seminar TILLT LIMITED presents recently completed AIRIS projects and calls for an extensive discussion and the exchange of ideas on how culture and art may enrich the working life of today in the most efficient way.

TILLT LIMITED has been regionally commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Region of Västra Götaland to develop a venue where Culture and the Working Life may fruitfully converge. The region consists of 49 municipalities where approximately 1.5 million people live. TILLT LIMITED has been operating within the region since 1973.

Since the beginning of the 2000s TILLT LIMITED has focused on transferring the Discourse of Art into forums outside the reach of traditional artistic domains. This work has been carried out under the trusteeship of a board constituted by representatives from the Regional Trade Union, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and representatives of the Cultural sector (The Göteborg Opera, theatres, museums, etc.). The organisation is supported by the Regional Development Committee and the Cultural Affairs Committee of Västra Götaland and the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.


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