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/FUSE: cadre_montalvo artist research residency

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San Jose State University and the Montalvo Arts Center have joined force to establish FUSE, one of the premier interdisciplinary research-residency programs in the world enabling industry sponsored projects that create exciting new platforms for artistic exploration and technology innovation.

The residency program will support interdisciplinary collaboration between San Jose State University, Montalvo Arts Center and Silicon Valley Industry. This new venture will be coordinated by SJSUs CADRE Laboratory for New Media.

This collaboration has produced two highly acclaimed projects: one by renowned artist Antoni Muntadas, the other by the NYC team of Katie Salen, Nancy Nowacek and Marina Zurkow. This partnership was born from the success of combining world class artists residing at Montalvo with a select group of top grad students in the CADRE MFA program, informing San Jose State University’s decision to make permanent this model by converting CADRE’s MFA program to one that rests on the residency component. Our objective is to establish industry-sponsored residencies that create new platforms for creative exploration and technological innovation, and to do this by combining the intellectual, technical and creative capacities of San Jose State University’s MFA students, the Montalvo Arts Center’s international recognition in the arts world and Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies.

There will be a wide range of international collaborations bringing to the region some of the world’s most potent creative thinkers, combining them with the MFA students at SJSU and producing projects that will be showcased at the ZeroOne San Jose biennales.