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International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


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DISONANCIAS (dissonances) organizes joint research projects between international artists and R&D units either in labs or companies in Spain (in the Basque country and Catalonia).

DISONANCIAS is a platform that liaises and promotes relationships between artists and companies, research centres or public organisations in order to foster innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the importance of developing creative environments.

It is based on the idea that artists are, by definition, researchers and can contribute to proposing new and different paths of innovation, introducing detours and discords in the normal processes of thought and action, contributing creativity and work methodologies and serving as a catalyst for the members of a team.

DISONANCIAS is based on:

  • giving priority to the participation of committed entities with social responsibility and sustainable development;
  • seeking collaboration between artists or groups of artists who share this commitment and who are interested in interacting with areas beyond that of the strictly artistic;
  • understanding innovation not as an end in itself but as a tool for changing the way things are done, attitudes and values.

The results of the DISONANCIAS projects must therefore aspire to go beyond success in the marketplace or public acceptance in order to contribute to the construction of a society that is orientated towards values of diversity, balance, sustainability, flexibility and the spirit of risk.

Some 40 projects have been developped from 2005.

DISONANCIAS is organized by Grupo Xabide, and supported by the SPRI (Basque government).