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Eusko Jaurlaritza | Gobierno Vasco

International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


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Organized by the Institute of Arts, Media and Design of the Academy of Art and Design of Zurich (Switzerland). Major biology, physics and computer science laboratories take in international artists and designers to help stimulate the transfer of knowledge and generate new levels of dialogue with scientists.

Aims of the Swiss artists-in-labs national programe:

  • to give Swiss artists the experience of immersion inside the culture of scientific research in order to inspiring their content and develop their interpretations.
  • to allow the artists to have actual “hands on” access in the lab itself, as well as attend relevant lectures and conferences.
  • to help scientists gain some insight into the world of contemporary art, aesthetic development and communication channels to the general public.
  • to encourage further collaboration between both parties including an extension of discourse and an exchange of research practices and methodologies. 

Aims of the artists-in-labs international programe:

The Artistsinlabs team also co-operates on international projects, with selected funding from various sources. We are very interested in international funding opportunities for the encouragement of true collaborations between international Artists and Swiss-based scientists, and encourage trans-disciplinary groups with solid project ideas to contact us. We already have a PHD program called Z-NODE, in corporation with the University of Plymouth, (art, technology and science) with 15 researchers enrolled. Another project entitled CLOSED is a design/sound project in corporation with IRCAM in Paris, the University of Verona and the Technical University of Berlin. This project is funded by the European Union.